Data Center

———— Full Redundant Power Supply & 99.99% Uptime Guarantee utilizes the SAS 70 II certified data center equipped with full redundant power supply, delivering stunning uptime to each website.

EPMI=Site Disruption

Solution 1: data centers use fully redundant power supply

ZhuJi91 has more than one SAS 70 authentication data centers in Hong Kong. They can provide fully redundant power supply for the servers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the centers.

ZhuJi91 promises no power failure in our data center under any circumstances, for we have complete power management systems, including backup generators, etc., let alone that the common power supply equipment always functions well.


Solution 2: Large uninterrupted power supply - UPS

We have a large uninterrupted power supply system to supply the thousands of dedicated servers in the centers. UPS can protect the servers from the adverse effect of surge current and the local electricity peak. UPS accesses the local power supply system, and then it supplies for servers and data centers' lightning, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. In the local power supply system, there are almost no faults occurred. Once an accident happens, our N+1 generator structure can guarantee that the generators automatically cut into the power supply system.

The condition of your website depends on the network environment.

Solution 1: A high-speed network of ZhuJi91

The speed and capacity of ZhuJi91's network solve the problems of network congestion and jams, so the hosting applications respond quickly.

Once using a multi-layer network service provided by network operators and directly accessing the Internet, we bypass the transport network so that we shorten the network path between your website and visitors. And this contributes to the lower latency, faster rate and incomparable reliability. In short, the link's stability and reliability we provide are far beyond those of other operations.


Solution 2: Parallel, redundant and multi-level network architecture

We are committed to providing first-class network routing and switching facilities in this industry. And our network adopts the design of no single point of failure, and the network runs with multi-layered redundant core routers, core switches and carriers.

The figure on the right illustrates the hierarchy structure of routers and switches over the network.

Solution 3: The most advanced network management center in Hong Kong

The centralized network management center of ZhuJi91 can monitor the servers located in different cities all day long. NOC owns technical support with Cisco Certification. They can respond quickly to any network faults, and then solve them to ensure the system performance, safety and reliability with the highest standard.

Monitoring center

Redundant network of all data centers: even if there's something wrong in the router node or network node, ZhuJi91 won't be out of service.

Data centers' multi-level cross connections: once any one gigabit broadband connection interrupts, transport network can connect to other network automatically. And each data center has at least two broadband links. All the data centers have the technology guarantee given by the third party.

SAS 70 Type II Authentication

SAS 70 Type II Authentication

Each data center of ZhuJi91 in Hong Kong has got the SAS 70 II authentication, which we have invested a lot of energy and resources. We can promise to you that our data centers conform to the highest standard of SAS 70 II authentication, which can protect your information.

SAS 70 II is internationally recognized certification standards set by the American Institution of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). SAS 70 authentication means that an independent third party reviews all facilities in data centers, including the review of internal control security assurance. The SAS 70 authentication proves that our data centers meet the high requirements of users, so you can set your mind at rest and choose our data centers.

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